Real-Time Updates

Unlike competitors, all of CoWorkr's sensors stream updates in real-time

  • Use Kiosk mode for live floorplans on kiosk or screen displays.
  • Build API integrations to help people find desks & rooms on the fly.
  • Use Real-time data to cancel room reservations when no one shows up, and when people leave early.
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Real-Time Data Powers Intelligent Employee Experience Apps

Live, quality data, for a seamless workspace transformation that starts now…
coworkr intelligent space booking

Intelligent Space Booking

Studies show that 'ghost-meetings' comprise 20% of conference room utilization. CoWorkr powers partner app integrations to auto-cancel ghosted reservations.

controlled return to work

On-the-fly Occupancy Status

Built for speed, CoWorkr’s platform makes availability of spaces like workstations, phone booths, and lounges online and accessible to partner apps.

Let CoWorkr’s API Deliver Streaming Updates On-The-Fly or Access Historical or Current Data for Targeted Points, on Demand

  • CoWorkr uses Node.js and DDP to push utilization sensors updates.
  • This raw feed gives you a real-time integration with CoWorkr’s platform.

CoWorkr Integrates With the Top Workplace Apps

Expand CoWorkr through workplace experience apps that utilize your live data…
Agilquest Logo


AgilQuest delivers workspace and conference room scheduling and measurement software solutions for the modern, flexible workplace. Our people-focused solutions help companies from start-up to enterprise measure and manage their workplace and the experience they provide their employees.

comfy workplace experience tool


Comfy is a workplace experience tool that helps keep workers comfortable and more productive. Comfy is designed as a one-stop-app for your workers.
The Comfy and CoWorkr integration helps promote a completely frictionless day by assisting them in finding desks, booths, phone rooms, and more on-the-fly, so your workers can focus on work.

new hummingbird app


iOffice’s new Hummingbird App is designed to reduce friction in the office, so workers can focus on work.
With the app, workers can find a desk, book a room, submit a ticket, and even call a cab.
The CoWorkr integration helps people find desks and rooms that are ACTUALLY available on the fly.

IWMS technology


Serraview is a leading IWMS technology that helps companies right-size their real estate.
By integrating with CoWorkr, customers can use occupancy data within their product to plan future moves, re-organize existing spaces, and manage room services.

teem time saving reservation platform


Teem is a time-saving room reservation platform.
Teem has built a simple tool that has saved millions of hours and made the room reservation experience enjoyable!
Teem and CoWorkr integration allows companies to recapture time lost in Ghost meetings, and auto check-in members for a touch free experience.

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