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Enable data-driven workplaces

Flexibility is the new standard  


Over 2.5 Million Days of Data Collected

CoWorkr is used by some of the world's leading companies


Space Utilization as-a-Service can help you evolve

CoWorkr uses high-resolution, versatile, & anonymous sensors for measuring workplace utilization. Our app builds comprehensive analytics to help you make data-driven decisions for your real estate portfolio. 


REAl-TIME DATA: Help your workers waste less time finding rooms & desks

  • Real-time Sensor Updates

  • “Seat level” resolution data

  • Enable Room Booking & hoteling

  • API integrations for workplace apps


ANALYTICS: Be more strategic with your real estate investments

  • Refine Seat Ratios/Utilization

  • Identify vacancies down to the department/seat level

  • Supports space studies and consulting projects


Have a space? Use CoWorkr’s sensors for measuring a room or an entire building.


Product Features

We give you the tools you need to create & manage flexible spaces. With our API, your data integrates with other apps to enhance chat, room booking, CAFM, and other BIM software.

   + Simple Install, Instant Streaming Data

   + Small Battery-powered Sensors, No Wires

+ Passive Sensors, No Cameras, Anonymous

   + Runs on Private Network, No IT integration

   + Real-Time Stream of Occupancy Data

+ Secure & Geolocated Cloud Storage

   + API Access for Live Data Integrations

   + App with Live FloorPlans & Analytics

   + Full Data Download 


API Integration

Connect your internal analytics or partner platforms to CoWorkr

CoWorkr’s API is built for historical and real-time data sharing.


Simple historical data requests using RESTful API


Subscribe to a real-time data stream for live updates


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