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Right-Size Your Real Estate Portfolio Against Todays Reality.

What people need from a workspace today may be different tomorrow. The only way to accommodate for these changes is to measure how people interact with your spaces and iterate from there. Coworkr’s occupancy analytics helps you view utilization data from the portfolio level down to individual teams or meeting rooms. This data can help you accomplish goals like:

  • Data driven portfolio and occupant management.
  • Enhanced workplace experience.
  • Smart janitorial services.
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2022 Utilization Benchmark Data Is In! What Are We Learning?

In every single case, the Private Room category outperformed Workstations. Some workplaces saw a gap favoring Phone Booths as large as 54% (71% in phone booths vs. 17% at workstations). Collaborative areas follow the same trend wherein enclosed Meeting Rooms (42%) are more popular than open area Collaboration Spaces (27%). Surprisingly, however, both Meeting Rooms and Collaboration Spaces are more popular than they were in 2019.

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Actionable Workplace Intelligence for Dynamic Planning & Operations

Unlock business value & support the corporate real estate agenda with data-backed business justification. CoWorkr’s workplace analytics empowers corporate real estate teams to maximize the potential of their workplace.

Sophisticated workplace intelligence is indispensable for companies seeking to modernize their workplace, especially when considering dynamic strategies & flexible working. CoWorkr’s workplace algorithms bubble up key metrics which give clear direction for small & large-scale action, and can be filtered by any attribute – persona groups, space types, asset types, times, etc.:

  • Activity: Average dwell time of a space
  • Peak: The highest point of utilization per range
  • Vacancies: Average unused workstations/spaces
  • Occupancy: Average used workstations/spaces

Interactive Floorplans With Live Data and Daily Trends

  • Zero-in on persona-groups, neighborhoods, asset types, space types, and more with native application functionality such as highlighting, point & click, drag & drop.
  • Configure attributes using CoWorkr’s tagging to answer the questions you’re out to solve with specificity and ease.
  • Monitor the activity of floors, groupings, and individual spaces in real-time or review historical events.
  • Create Daily Floorplans to help alleviate the disconnect between the use of space and janitorial cleaning routines.
interactive floorplans

CoWorkr’s API Brings Intelligence and Color to Workplace Tools

  • Subscribe to real-time occupancy event updates.
  • Leverage real-time events for space booking intelligence.
  • REST API for querying all data records.
  • Integrate through one of our existing Partners Apps.
  • Documentation & support for custom integrations.
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Failsafe Security

In CoWorkr’s product ecosystem, data privacy has been incorporated by design. Our mantra is that security shouldn't be an afterthought as an extra layer.

Security starts by selectively choosing the type of data we collect, the method used for collecting, and how the data is stored and accessed by our customers.

Unlike other Ai-based tech, CoWorkr doesn't use cameras — we opt for anonymous IR technologies that embody our privacy-by-design philosophy.

Customer data is always encrypted at rest & in transit, is geolocated per customer location, and utilizes DLP methodologies to ensure service continuity.

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