Versatile & Anonymous Sensors

Real-Time, High-Resolution Sensing That Doesn’t Jeopardize Your Privacy.

  • Simple-to-deploy sensors extract granular occupancy in real-time
  • Pinpoint occupancy at a single desk, room, or space
  • Technology leverages thermal sensing to preserve anonymity and business integrity
  • Data processing using machine learning and artificial intelligence for high accuracy
  • Battery powered sensors that cost 1/10th or less to install
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Coworkr Sensors, Optimized for Every Space

Be strategic with your Workplace technology, one-size-fits-all devices result in poor data

WorkPoint Sensor

WorkPoint Sensors provide a simple solution for monitoring a single space, such as a desk or phone booth.  WorkPoint Sensors can even be used for detecting room occupancy for meeting, conference, or collaborative spaces.

WorkPoint Sensors deliver real-time updates using high-resolution motion sensing and low-power Mesh Network technology.

Match-book sized and easy-to-install, WorkPoint Sensors are the most discreet occupancy sensor available on the global market. And with a small but powerful lithium-ion battery, CoWorkr’s WorkPoint provides an unparalleled lifespan for a device that operates in true real-time.

  • Size: 47mm(1.85in) x 47mm(1.85in) x 12mm(0.5in)
  • Sensing: PIR motion
  • Check-in: Real-time
  • Com: Mesh Network
  • Life: 5+ Year (V4)
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WorkSpace Counter

WorkSpace Counters are battery-powered people counters that use an infrared sensor and AI for counting humans. 

Unlike competitor devices, CoWorkr’s battery-powered Counters operate in real-time and use anonymous infrared sensing — rather than cameras which can capture sensitive worker information.

WorkSpace Counters attach to ceilings and monitor the area below. These provide real-time occupancy reading (yes/no) and a headcount for powering high-res space occupancy analytics.

  • Size: 88mm(3.5in) x 88mm(3.5in) x 32mm(1.25in)
  • Sensing: Infrared Motion and Infrared Object detection
  • Check-in: Real-time Occupancy
  • Power: 5+ Year Battery or Wired (POE or USB)
  • Com: Mesh Network
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How to Choose

A one-size-fits-all approach to collecting data may put holes and false positives in your findings. Make sure your capturing data based on your goals and understand that a single sensor solution isn’t always the best approach.

Use workplace technology strategically to capture the most accurate data. Consider the following:

  • Ceiling-mounted WorkSpace Counters capture anyone in the space, they work great for general occupancy of collaborative or meeting spaces.
  • Desk-mounted WorkPoint Sensors capture desk occupants only which provide the best option for capturing high-res occupancy data on workstations.

Where to Use Sensor Data

WorkPlace occupancy sensors feed multiple stakeholders within the CRE environment. This includes leveraging real-time, daily, and historical occupancy data.


CoWorkr uses historical workplace utilization data to processes WorkPlace Analytics for driving CRE decisions

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Daily data powers CoWorkr’s intelligent cleaning reports by using actual workplace utilization to inform janitorial crews

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Real-time data can be plugged into 3rd party software to provide streamlined experiences in WorkPlace Apps and Reservation Systems

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CoWorkr Sensor Features

We pack state of the art technology into easy to use hardware.

Quick & Easy Install

CoWorkr devices ship plug-and-play and are installed by our team or yours; simply stick the sensors in position on furniture or on ceilings and turn on your Hub to start streaming.

Low Maintenance

Reliability is a key benefit from years of development on our devices. All our devices offer 2 year or more worth of high-res data on a single battery.

Independent Network

By using a private cellular network, CoWorkr streams data independent of your internal network—a privacy-by-design feature that increases redundancy and reduces threats to your data.

Secure Architecture

CoWorkr’s architecture leverages Google Cloud for a secure and scalable, geolocated cloud service for your data. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and backed up at multiple physical locations for piece of mind.

Anonymous Data

CoWorkr understands the sensitive nature of collecting and storing occupancy data. That’s why it has utilized a privacy-by-design approach to all product development. Devices do not collect PII or perform deep learning on images to extract sensitive information.

Quality Assurance

Once our sensors are in place, CoWorkr autonomously monitors the health and integrity of data collection in the cloud. CoWorkr’s system event notifications improve data quality, reduce data loss, and increase continuity.

CoWorkr’s Sensors Build Insights Through Real-Time, Daily, and Historical Workplace Analytics

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