Plastarc Webinar: The Role Tech Plays in the Future Office

The Role Tech Plays in the Future Office

Last week our CEO, Elizabeth Redmond, had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy Rosen of Plastarc and her other selected panelists to discuss the role of workplace technology in the future office. We shared insights on current client activities. 

Our observation is that most clients recognized workplace tech as the resource that will pull them out of the issues surrounding Covid 19. That led to many global RFPs for sensors, apps, IWMS, and many other tools. It has also contributed to some massive innovations on our platform and for the industry in general. That process progressed over the summer, and now we’re all coming back down to the ground a bit and seeing most take a walk not run approach to implementation. Start with 1 building. Use this time to prepare and make sure all of your systems are working together as intended. Roberta Kowalishin of Dialogue Design shared her thoughts staying “Set your goals high but get started early!” Roberta also stated a call to action for the industry around process innovation for decision making, implementation, and management of technologies in the commercial building space. If you have ideas, she’s all ears!

Transparency Builds Trust

We spoke pretty intensely about worker privacy and where trust comes into play. From CoWorkr’s perspective, each vendor must create defensible space around their own privacy policies and make those relatable to the customer. Transparency builds trust and it goes a long way. For CoWorkr, decisions around privacy start at the bits and chips in our hardware and extend all throughout the product. Privacy by design is a guiding principle for us and frankly makes our lives much easier!

And finally, we shared some vision on possibilities for the future. I discussed ideas around the elastic workplace and leveraging occupancy data for a myriad of systems that allow owners, operators, and workers to be much more dynamic with their decision making. Ricardo Rodriguez of MBCC Group (previously a BASF company) shared a technology leveraging AR so that field workers can perform inspections remotely.

Watch and listen to the packed discussion curated by Amy!