Motion WorkPoints - Starter Kit


Motion WorkPoints - Starter Kit

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CoWorkr wants to dispel the myth that you need to hire a strategist to leverage workplace analytics. We'll help you get started with a kit that includes our new Motion WorkPoints, ready-to-connect Hubs, and 3 months of free data streaming. Our new Motion WorkPoints use bleeding edge technology to provide seamless motion sensing that lasts years on a single coin cell battery.

You'll get help with setup and a tutorial using CoWorkr's analytics—enough for your organization to start a full scale roll out. 

All orders include:

  • 3 Months of Free Streaming Trial

  • Training & Support

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Analytics Access

  • Add-On Service: API integrations with Partner companies

  • Option to Extend Trial

50 WorkPoint Starter Kit includes:

  • 50 Motion WorkPoints

  • 2 Hubs for connecting your WorkPoints to our Cloud

100 WorkPoint Starter Kit includes:

  • 100 Motion WorkPoints

  • 4 Hubs for connecting your WorkPoints to our Cloud

200 WorkPoint Starter Kit includes:

  • 200 Motion WorkPoints

  • 8 Hubs for connecting your WorkPoints to our Cloud