Return to the Office Safely with Occupancy Sensors

Workplace Safety With Occupancy Sensors

Zoom life is hard – trust us, we get it. It’s important that you get up for walks a few times a day. And here is your next excuse for your next walk- a recording from our recent webinar with Mike Petruskey from iOffice where we discuss using tech to safely plan your office re-entry! Though this was a webinar, it will be turned into a podcast so the content is rich in audio. We share quotes, talk about music, and get serious about providing a safe and clean office when workers return.

CoWorkr was founded by two designers. They get no greater joy than sharing product features with the industry that solve real on-the-ground challenges. Returning to the office in a safe and organized manner is going to be challenging. Build the brains for your office with real-time occupancy sensors. This data can serve as a single source for intelligent janitorial services, helping workers find safe spaces, managing occupancy levels, and provide better workplace experiences. Learn more below: