CoWorkr Joins R-Zero

CoWorkr joins forces with R-Zero to deliver a new standard for workplace health, efficiency, and intelligence.

We have some exciting news to share with you! Today we announced that CoWorkr has been acquired by R-Zero, the leading biosafety technology platform for healthy buildings.

As we navigated through the pandemic and adapted to this new era of work, two questions seemed to be top-of-mind for our customers: How will employee behavior have changed by the time they return? and how will we ensure everyone’s safety?

The answer to both questions lies in the combination of these two best-in-class technologies. R-Zero and CoWorkr joining forces will give employers the insights and technology required to build the new post-pandemic workplace environment oriented around zero sum health and comfort. We want to build a future where employees feel safe in the office so they can continue to do their best work!

Most critically for you, CoWorkr’s dedication to accurate and anonymous occupancy analytics is a core element of R-Zero’s long-term strategy of being the standard for workplace health, efficiency, & intelligence. Our near-term priorities are also tightly aligned, which means we’ll continue to operate independently, but now with greater investment and more resources to meet your workplace intelligence needs. You’ll also have access to R-Zero’s commercial disinfection ecosystem as we work towards creating the healthy buildings platform.

As a key customer or partner of ours, we’d love to schedule some time to answer any questions you might have about R-Zero and our joint goals going forward. Let us know if any upcoming days / times work well for you, and we’ll set something up.

In the meantime, we invite you to read a blog post by R-Zero’s CEO, Grant, which describes what this merger will bring and our vision for what the combined companies will accomplish together.


Elizabeth Redmond & Keenan May

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