CoWorkr's primary occupancy metric is called "Activity"

Activity is generated when a human interacts with a space or seat where our sensor(s) are located. This data is collected at 1-minute intervals but is viewed on the app in 30-minute buckets. The resolution of this data can adjusted by using the Interval settings of 1, 5, 10, 15 , or 30 minute buckets. 

Average Activity: The average of all observed activity within the selected time period for a selection of seats or spaces.

Peak Activity: The highest Activity observed at a given point in time. This is often provided with a % occurrence and time of highest occurrence.


Of a selection, how many of seats remained completely vacant throughout the time range. This is defined by seats that have an average activity of less than 5%.

Furthermore, this metric defines the number of seats that fit the next rung of activity: between 5%-10% active. 


Of a selection, this is the number of seats occupied simultaneously. This is a great metric for determining how many people use a space at the same time — for example, use this to estimate the average number of workers in a room. 


The Stay Duration is the quantity of lengths of stay during the date range. For example, a stay might be 120 minutes— represented by the number of times a worker used the seat for an uninterupted 120 minutes.