0.2 Hub Install General Information

Device Install Support

Admin user guide for installing coWorkr hardware

CoWorkr hardware is designed to provide flexible services for monitoring the use of space. While both WorkPoints and WorkHubs are agile devices that allow for flexibility in their use, it is important to follow general guidelines to ensure the best data outcomes.


“Hubs” are internet gateways for CoWorkr’s Workpoints. Hubs typically connect to CoWorkr's cloud via a Cellular network, however they may also use WiFi or LAN connection.

General Placement Considerations:

Hubs read data packets emitted from WorkPoints.  When placing Hubs on a floorplan, make sure not to place Hubs in areas  the are open to the surrounding WorkPoints. Furthermore, ensure the Hub is elevated in its location—above desk or partition level. Surrounding interior elements may block signal strength and result in lost data packets.  

Hubs require a power source, such as a USB to wall plug.

Placement Considerations per Connectivity Option:

Depending on which connectivity option is used, a Hub may need to be located in a particular location.

Best Practice: Place Hubs above the floor level - higher the better.

• CoWorkr’s Network (standard)

4G: If using a 4G connection provided by CoWorkr, the Hub should be placed in locations with a strong cellular signal strength. This typically means locating Hubs away from building cores and closer to the exterior walls.

• External or Client Network (nonstandard)

LAN: If using a LAN option, the Hub requires being within reach of an ethernet outlet.

WiFi: If using a WiFi option, the Hub must be placed in range of the nearest WiFi router.