2.7 Making Changes to Your WorkPlace

Once a WorkPlace has been setup with FloorPlans and Hardware, it's common for an organization to later require changes. This may require removing or moving existing sensors, adding new sensors, or updating the floorplan background. 

Note: Making significant changes to your WorkPlace may create new data that isn't clearly associated with data collected prior. If there is a significant change in the sensors or floorplan, it is best to take note of this change for the purpose of splitting the final reporting into more than 1 date range. If you’re making significant changes to your FloorPlan (new fit-outs) you may consider creating a new FloorPlan to keep your original as an archive.

Note: Making changes to the sensors will not impact the data. For example, if you add a single sensor to a conference room that has already been collecting 7 other sensors' data for several months, the new sensor will not impact any of the data collected prior.


2.7.0 Replacing the floor plan image

If the organization has made a change to the physical work environment, you may consider updating the floorplan image. 

  1. On your computer, using an image editor—preferably Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, open the existing FloorPlan image. (note the size of the image)

  2. Open the new image and make sure the existing image matches the size, orientation, and general extents of objects as the new image

  3. Save the new image if any edits have occurred.

  4. Navigate to the FloorPlan on CoWorkr.co

  5. Take a screenshot for your record and note any WorkPoints that may need to move based on the new FloorPlan

  6. Navigate back to your WorkPlace's page, click the edit button (pencil icon) next to your FloorPlan

  7. Drag your new image onto the existing FloorPlan image in the dialog box

  8. Click Save, your FloorPlan image will now be updated

  9. Open your new FloorPlan, unlock it, and move any WorkPoints into their new locations

  10. If you’re confused as to which WorkPoint belongs where, you can click the notification button on the WorkPoint to highlight it on your FloorPlan



Adding new sensors to your floor plan is simple. Just follow the same steps as when first setting up the floor plan. 

Note: Make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%

  1. Open your FloorPlan and Unlock it, expand the Assignments tab on the left

  2. Press the notification button on the sensor to highlight it in the unassigned list

  3. Select the sensor from the Unassigned list on the left side of the floorplan view

  4. Drag the sensor onto the correct location on the floorplan


2.7.2 EDIT WORKPOINTS - Edit WorkPoints location or assignment

The following options are available to edit WorkPoints that are assigned to a FloorPlan

  • Drag & Drop

  • Recycle

  • Remove

  • Delete

  • Replace

• 2.7.2.A Drag & Drop - Move a WorkPoint to a new location, keeping its data, tags, & links

This process is to be used only when the physical attributes of the WorkPoint are not changing. For example, if a person moved their desk into a new configuration (its tags are the same but may be located in a slightly different place on the FloorPlan), you can simply move the WorkPoint to the new location.

  1. Unlock the FloorPlan

  2. Select and Drag the WorkPoint to its new location

  3. Lock the FloorPlan

note: This will not change anything WorkPoint’s data. If you rewind the FloorPlan to a date prior to the move, you'll see the WorkPoint shift to its previous location.  


• 2.7.2.B RECYCLE - Move Your WorkPoint to New Location, but Keep its Icon in Place

This process allows you to reuse a WorkPoint on a new area of the FloorPlan. It will detach the existing WorkPoint with the icon and place it back into the Unassigned list of the Hardware Drawer— allowing you to place it into a new location.

  1. Unlock your FloorPlan by clicking the red Lock button at the top of the floor plan

  2. Select the existing WorkPoint on the FloorPlan

  3. In the Selection Box, click the Recycle icon (3 arrows)

  4. Confirm the operation in the dialog box

  5. Expand the Unassigned List in the Hardware Drawer

  6. Press the notification button on the Sensor

  7. Select it from the Unassigned List and drag it onto the new location on the FloorPlan

  8. Proceed to add the proper Tags and Links

  9. Lock the FloorPlan

Note: You can assign this Recycled WorkPoint to another FloorPlan as well. It will appear in any other FloorPlan’s Unassigned Hardware List associated with the WorkPlace

Note: Data will stop loading to the existing WorkPoint unless a new WorkPoint is assigned to it but the icon will remain in its original location - allowing you to select and see old data

• 2.7.2.C REMOVE - Remove a WorkPoint from the FloorPlan

This process removes the WorkPoint & its Icon from a FloorPlan.

  1. Unlock your FloorPlan by clicking the red Lock button at the top of the FloorPlan

  2. Select the existing WorkPoint on the FloorPlan

  3. In the WorkPoint Info box (top of screen) click the (-) button to remove

  4. The WorkPoint will go back into the Unassigned List for your WorkPlace

note: The removed WorkPoint on the FloorPlan moving forward, but its data will remain associated with the WorkPlace. If you want to Delete a WorkPoint and its data from a WorkPlace, see below.

• 2.7.2.D REPLACE A SENSOR - Swap out a WorkPoint with a New or Existing WorkPoint

This tool is to be used when you have a WorkPoint on the FloorPlan whose sensor (physical hardware) may have been lost or broken and needs to be replaced. When replacing a WorkPoint with another (new or existing) WorkPoint, the original WorkPoint's information —such as tags and links—will be remain. 

Note: The process is simple yet it can replace (and delete) data so we urge caution and follow the steps exactly as written. When completing this process please notify CoWorkr so they can oversee your work. 

• 2.7.2.D Option 1: Replacing a Sensor with a New Sensor

Note: You can use any WorkPoint to Replace an existing WorkPoint. In the steps below, we outline the scenario of placing a New WorkPoint on the FloorPlan to replace an existing Old WorkPoint, however if the WorkPoint is already on the Floor Plan, you can skip to Replacing a Sensor with an Existing Sensor.

1. Unlock your Floor Plan by clicking the Red Lock at the top of the Floor Plan

2. Expand the Hardware Assignments drawer on the left hand side of the App

3. Select (click) the WorkPoint whose sensor you'd like to replace, this will open the info dialog box at the top of the screen, showing the name and information of the selected WorkPoint

4. Click the notification button on the new Sensor to highlight it in the unassigned list

5. From the unassigned list in the Assignments drawer, drag the new Sensor onto the WorkPoint info dialog box (that popped up in step 3)

6. A confirmation dialog box will pop-up, click Replace or Cancel

7. Click the Lock button to lock the floorplan if you are done making changes.

The old sensor will go back into the unassigned list for the project and will no longer load to this WorkPoint. It can be reassigned or used elsewhere as needed.

• 2.7.2.D Option 2: Replacing a Sensor with an Existing Sensor

In this example, we use replace a WorkPoint's sensor with the sensor from another WorkPoint that's already on the floorplan. This requires keeping or deleting the removed sensor's history.

1. Select Your New WorkPoint and Bookmark it by clicking the Bookmark WorkPoint button in the Selection Info box (top of the Floor Plan view)

2. Select the Old WorkPoint

3. From the Selection Box, Click and Drag the Bookmarked New WorkPoint (it should appear below the Old WorkPoint in the selection Info box) onto the Old WorkPoint that will remain shown as selected above. 

4. You will be prompted with a dialog boxing asking how to proceed.

Option A: Not Replacing Data

If the check box is not checked, the Old WorkPoint will be removed and replaced but its historical data will remain associated with the WorkPoint up until today. From this point onwards, only the New WorkPoint will collect data.

Option B: Replacing Data (checking the box)

If (and only if) a New WorkPoint has been collecting data before it was properly replaced another Old WorkPoint — For Example:  You set up a floorplan with New WorkPoints that were to replace other WorkPoints but you didn't use this tool and the New WorkPoint has since been collecting data, you may want to Replace Data.

The check box "Replace old sensor's overlapping data with current sensor's data" allows you to choose a historical date that will be used for overwriting the Old WorkPoint data with the New WorkPoint data. For example, if both Old and New sensors were online and collecting data during June & July, and if you were to use a date of July 1, all of the old WorkPoint's July data would be overwritten by the New WorkPoint data. The remainder of data from the Old WorkPoint, collected in June, would remain. 

From the point of replacement and on, only the New WorkPoint data will be collected and the Old WorkPoint will be removed from the Floorplan.

5. Click Replace and the Old WorkPoint will be removed and replaced with the New WorkPoint.

Note: It may take several seconds for the Old WorkPoint to remove itself. If data is being replaced, it may take up to 48 hours for this to be reflected in the Analytics.


Sensor Replacement Example