1.3.3 Features & Tools


To view a quick preview of the analytics or even load the entire FloorPlan to view, you'll need to first make a selection.  A selection can be made my dragging over any seats you'd like to view or opening the Tag menu and selecting the relevant tag.

  • Click any number of tags to add it to your selection. Click the tag(s) again to remove it from the selection.

  • Shift+Click a seat after selecting to deselect.

After making a selection, click the red Analytics button at the bottom of the window to open a preview. Click the expand button to open the full FloorPlan Analytics dashboard.

Note: If you want to load the full WorkPlace Analytics, where you can view all FloorPlans, you can access this from the WorkPlace Dashboard on the previous page by clicking the Analytics button.

Expand the Analytics Preview to launch the full FloorPlan Analytics dashboard


The Activity Interval defines the length of time associated with each reading of Activity. Intervals may be thought of as buckets of time; if any activity is detected within the amount of time determined by the Interval, such as "5-minutes", the entire 5 minutes will be shown as active. For example, a desk may only be active for 12 minutes during an hour of the day but using an Interval of 30-minutes would mean the entire 30-minutes would be shown as active.

You'll find the Interval selection available at all options to change your data such as in the Activity Map, Analytics Preview, or full Workplace Analytics.

To change the Interval:

  • Click the Interval Drop Down menu to choose an interval

  • Select between 1 min and 30 min intervals

  • Your Analytics will then be reloaded


All of your data collected by CoWorkr can be downloaded in CSV format for integration with other applications. You'll see the download icon throughout the App marking locations where specific data sets are available for download. 

Click the Download icon to start the download, give it a name & click Download.

Download your data from any of our charts by clicking the Download icon


The Elastic Scales button, located under the tools icon, allows the maximum value on the Y-Axis to be the maximum value of the data. This may provide a higher resolution view of your data if the peak of your data is very low. 


When setting up your WorkPlace, Seats on your FloorPlan may be linked to create larger areas of space to study. Linked WorkPoints takes two seats and combines the data. For example, if a desk has two sensors because it may have multiple seating positions, the two locations can be linked together to show the data as one.

Another example is using Linked WorkPoints to create rooms or spaces using individual sensors. For example, select all seats in a conference to link them together. 

Note: When you create a new Link, it creates a new set of data that then gathers data based on the sensors you've linked. This is not retroactive. The Links need to be created before the Start Date of a Workplace to ensure all data is properly collected by the Link.

In the Analytics, to show the Linked Workpoints together, as one, click the Group Linked WorkPoints toggle button under the tools tab. To show the Linked WorkPoints separately, click the Separate Linked WorkPoints toggle button.

Keenan May