2.2 Create a New WorkPlace

1. Open the WorkPlaces page and click "NEW WORKPLACE"

2. Fill Out the New WorkPlace Details:

  • Use the exact address & timezone as CoWorkr will use it to geo-sync sensors. 

  • Select the Group of users who'll need to access this Workplace

3.  Click Save. You'll then see your newly made WorkPlace appear in the list on your homepage.

  • To Edit or Delete your newly created WorkPlace, use the Pencil Icon in the Workplace list. 

  •  Additional Buttons in the Workplace Menu include:

    • Resetting will return your hardware to its default state, unassigned to any WorkPlace.

    • Unlinking WorkPoints will remove their assignments to the WorkPlace. Only use this to close a WorkPlace.

    • Tag Updates will update all your WorkPlace data to reflect the most recent tags added, deleted, or modified.

    • Data Download will build a complete file of your WorkPlace and make it available in the Files menu

    • Buttons here including Data Download, Tag Updates, Unlinking WorkPoints, & Resetting.