1.3.1 Analytics Dashboards

There are several locations where you can view your workplace's data. These are outlined below:



The analytics preview provides the last week of data, Average Active WorkPoints, and Inactive Workpoints.

Make a selection using the Floor Plan

  • Make a selection using Tags

  • Click the Analytics button

This will launch the Analytics Preview. If you'd like to recalculate the metrics, you can drag over the timeline chart to narrow the focus of your time selection.

Note: Expand the window using the button at the top right of Analytics Preview to launch the full FloorPlan Dashboard.

FloorPlan Analytics:

Expanding the Analytics Preview from your FloorPlan will launch the full FloorPlans analytics.

The FloorPlan analytics displays all metrics based on your selection from the FloorPlan. This scope can be narrowed by further selecting Tags or specific date/time ranges within the Dashboard.

These processes are outlined below per feature.



The WorkPlace analytics contains all data from all floors in the workplace.  This is accessed from the WorkPlace Dashboard by clicking Analytics.

The WorkPlace Analytics will load all the data from the start of the installation. You can then make selections to further narrow the scope of your analysis.

Note: based on your WorkPlace size, this dashboard can load much more slowly than the FloorPlan Analytics. Each change to the dashboard will require the data to be reprocessed and may take several minutes. Once the new selection data is loaded once, it'll be stored and allow to be quickly loaded in the future.

The WorkPlace Analytics dashboard can be found from the WorkPlace's homepage while FloorPlan Analytics, from the FloorPlan

Keenan May