2.4 Add FloorPlans to your New Workplace

A FloorPlan image will be the background on which you place sensors. You'll want this to be a clean image showing basic floor plan elements such as windows, walls, furniture, and more.

Get Started

1. Start by opening your New WorkPlace


3. This will launch a file picker 

  • You can use any image filetype such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, or SVG to be your floor plan.

We recommend PNG or JPG no smaller than 1800 px wide and resolution no less than 72 ppi. We also recommend cleaning up your floor plan as best as possible to make a clear and concise virtual workplace. 

  • Remove any irrelevant text or any content that identifies individual persons

4. Click Save. Your newly added FloorPlan will appear in your WorkPlace's list of FloorPlans. You can open it by clicking the FloorPlan Icon.

Note: After uploading your FloorPlan, you can replace the image at any point by clicked the Pencil icon. The replacement FloorPlan should be the exact same size as the existing image so all your Sensors show in their proper locations.

You may add as many Floor Plans as necessary for your WorkPlace. While you may only view one at a time in the FloorPlan view, all FloorPlans and associated data can be visualized on your WorkPlace Analytics

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