0.1 WorkPlace Install General Information

WorkPlace Installation Overview:

The modern workplace is a complex network of work settings ranging from private soft seating to public bench seats to individual standing desks. CoWorkr devices are designed to be used in a variety of ways to cover all space and seat types.


CoWorkr WorkPoints

Motion WorkPoints cover almost all seat sensing opportunities

Motion WorkPoints can also be used to monitor small rooms

Vibration WorkPoints can be used where capturing motion by vision is not convenient, such as soft seating.

• Multiple WorkPoints may be combined in a Link, when any one is activated, all are activated

Read more about different WorkPoints in the next section on Devices

Read more about Linking in the App Topics 2.6 "Tags and Links"

How Many Seats to Sense?

It's important to understand that CoWorkr devices generally collect information at a per-seat basis and the greater number of seats monitored, the higher resolution data you'll receive. In some cases, based on the intent of data collection, one may only collect a sample of seats. In other cases, for example, in a phone room, one may choose to use a single WorkPoint even if there are multiple seats.