2.8 WorkPlace Uninstall

This walks through the process of physically and virtually removing hardware from a client. Please make sure to complete this process if hardware is being removed from a client's building and is to be used in another location.

Steps for uninstalling sensors and hubs from your WorkPlace

2.8   note: 2.8.1 or 2.8.2 can be done first, there is no required order of operations. 

2.8.1 Physical Uninstall

1.0 Disconnect all hubs from power and remove WorkPoints from furniture. Place all electronics into packaging that will limit damage to devices when in transport. 

2.0 Batteries may be removed or left in WorkPoints but do not reuse batteries for a second use of the hardware. WorkPoints will remain on until the battery dies. 

2.8.2 Virtual Uninstall

note: do not use the reset or remove workpoint commands on the floorplan unless the device should no longer be visible on the floorplan. 

warning: This cannot be undone. Proceed only if the hardware is to be removed from its physical location.

1.0 Open the WorkPlace that you wish to uninstall

2.0 Unlock the Floorplan and select the WorkPoints (all in most cases), that are to be removed from the location

3.0 In the WorkPoint dialog box, click the Recycle button (3 Arrow Icon) and in the popup, select "Unlink"

4.0 Check that the "End Date" for the workplace corresponds to the actual Uninstall date. This is required so no custom data merges with other future companies using the WorkPoints.

These WorkPoints will now remain on the floorplan, so they can still be used for selecting, heat maps, and analytics. They will no longer stream the data from the original sensors. The sensors will then be available to assign to a new location in the app.

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