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How does it work? Hardware is plug-and-play. Receive your kit- plug in your hubs, stick sensors to your furniture, set up your workplace online, and start collecting & viewing data immediately.

We’re here to help. Don’t worry, we keep an eye on your product remotely to ensure you did everything right. And we’re here every step of the way. Questions already? Click here to send us a note.

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WorkPoints - Starter Kit
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WorkPoints - Starter Kit
from 4,995.00

CoWorkr wants to dispel the myth that you need to hire a strategist to leverage workplace analytics. We'll help you get started with a kit that includes our new Motion WorkPoints, ready-to-connect Hubs, and 3 months of free data streaming. Our Motion WorkPoints use simple yet powerful technology to provide seamless motion sensing that lasts years on a single coin cell battery.

You'll get help with setup and a tutorial using CoWorkr's analytics—enough for your organization to start a full scale roll out. 

All orders include:

  • V3 Motion WorkPoint Sensors (Select Quantity)

  • Read-to-Connect Hubs

  • 3 Months of Free Data Streaming

  • Training & Support

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Analytics Access

  • Add-On Service: API integrations with Partner companies

  • Option to Extend Streaming

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WorkPoint + Hub Demo Kit
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WorkPoint + Hub Demo Kit

Demo Kits allow customers to test CoWorkr Hardware prior to starting a pilot. This 1-Month lease of CoWorkr Hardware includes 5 WorkPoints & 1 Hub enabled with Cellular Service. These WorkPoint sensors can be installed to monitor desks, seats, rooms, and more.

This kit includes:

5 Motion WorkPoints

1 Hub with Cellular Service Enabled

Access to CoWorkr’s App & all Data

Note: CoWorkr’s Demo Kits is a 1-Month lease of CoWorkr Hardware. After 1 month of use, this kit is to be returned to CoWorkr. If you’d like to continue to use the 5 WorkPoints & Hub perpetually, CoWorkr will charge you monthly after the 1st month has expired.

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