CoWorkr offers sensors-as-a-service

high-resolution, versatile, & anonymous sensing for measuring workplace utilization. 

CoWorkr devices can be used for generating analytics on workplace use and their real-time data can power 3rd party apps using our API, like room booking solutions.

CoWorkr supplies WorkPoints & Counters to provide full coverage of any type of workplaces. For a detailed description, please see below.



WorkPoint Sensors: detail

CoWorkr’s Motion "WorkPoints" are simple sensors that can be used to collect activity data on a single seat or small room. WorkPoints are smallest in the global market and last years on a single coin cell battery. WorkPoints report data in real-time—they send updates as soon as they detect presence, so they work great for high granularity utilization data and/or integrating with reservation systems.

  • Size: 4 x 4 x 1.25 CM

  • Sensing: PIR Motion

  • Check-in: Reports Occupancy in Real-Time

  • Heartbeat: 120 sec Check-in

  • Com: Bluetooth LE

    + WorkPoints are Simple Sensors that sense movement +

    Just Stick Them To Furniture




Counter Sensors: detail

CoWorkr’s space "Counters" are devices that leverage computer vision technology to identify humans. Counters report data in real-time, as in they update you as soon as they detect presence.

  • Size: 4" L x 3" W x 1.5" H

  • Sensing: Object Detection using Camera

  • Check-in: Reports Occupancy in Real-Time

  • Heartbeat: 120 sec CHECK-INS

  • Com: LTE, WiFi, or LAN

    + Counters are Overhead Vision Devices that Detect Humans +

    Attach These to Ceilings


Installation is Simple

SETUP Using one of our subcontractors or do it yourself


Stick WorkPoints to Furniture 

+ Monitor desks, chairs, and other individual work settings


mount WorkPoints or Counters to Room ceilings

+ Monitor entire rooms using workpoints or individual seats using counters

Small rooms can use one ceiling-mounted WorkPoint to get a single room occupied reading, WorkPoints on each seat to get individual seat data, or a Counter to get a number of occupants in the entire room.



Connect your WorkPlace to our Cloud

CoWorkr operates outside of your organization's network.

 WorkPoint data is pushed to our secure cloud environment using a cellular hub.

Cloud Powered by Google Compute Engine & Google Cloud +     

Architecture is easily scalable +     

Servers are geolocated per customer region +     



Streaming Data

CoWorkr devices stream updates as soon as they happen. This means you see live workplace activity online:

  • Real-time Updates Visualized

  • view this data in a “Live” view or Rewind the floorplan

Device data is aggregated for analytics into 1 minute intervals, meaning you get high-resolution analytics.

Above: Using Tags to select WorkPoints



run analytics on your floorplans

Use any floorplan to generate activity maps and check out device data.

The floorplan view provides a simple way of viewing activity.

  • Generate Heat Maps

  • View Analytics Preview

  • Expand Analytics TO VIEW MORE

Left: CoWorkr's Activity Map & Analytics



build comprehensive analytics

Starting with high resolution data means having the ability to dive deep into workplace metrics.

  • Average Utilization

  • Number of Workers

  • Peak time/day

  • Vacancies

Right:  CoWorkr's Analytics Dashboard


Analytics Features


CoWorkr's API brings intelligence to workplace tools

- Enables Intelligent Booking Solutions

- Driving live floor plans



Query historical data on WorkPlaces, FloorPlans, WorkPoints

Streaming API via DDP

Subscribe to real-time WorkPoint updates

above: iOffice Hummingbird



CoWorkr offers Comprehensive support for hardware & software

  • In-App Chat, FAQ, &Tutorials

  • Email Support

  • Customer Rep

  • Data Customization

  • Report Generation Help

  • API Integration Help


OVER 3 Million days of data collected by CoWorkr


CoWorkr's used across the globe and trusted by the world's leading companies

Through strategic partnerships, CoWorkr operates in the NAM, Europe, & APAC