CoWorkr is a sensor-as-a-service Company

We provide high-resolution, versatile, & anonymous sensing for measuring workplace utilization. 

You can use CoWorkr sensors for generating analytics on your space or use the real-time data to power intelligent space booking using our API.


We leverage high res streaming data from your work settings

Our new Motion "WorkPoints" are smallest in the global market and last years on a single coin cell battery. WorkPoints report data in real-time, as in they update you as soon as they detect presence.

Size: 1.6" L x 1.6" W x 0.5" H


Heartbeat: 60 sec CHECK-INS

Com: Bluetooth Low Energy



WorkPoints can monitor nearly all work settings

Our devices simple and versatile.



WorkPoint Installation is Simple

Use one of our subcontractors or do it yourself


Stick WorkPoints to Furniture 

+ Monitor desks, chairs, and other individual work settings


Stick WorkPoints to Rooms

+ Monitor entire rooms or individual seats




Connect your WorkPlace to our Cloud

CoWorkr operates outside of your organization's network.

 WorkPoint data is pushed to our secure cloud environment using a cellular hub.

Cloud Powered by Google Compute Engine & Google Cloud +     

Architecture is easily scalable +     

Servers are geolocated per customer region +     


That’s it. You’re done


WorkPoints drive real-time applications

WorkPoints stream real-time data. This data is aggregated for hi resolution analytics.

CoWorkr Partners leverage Real-Time data via our API.

Left: CoWorkr's Real-Time & Activity FloorPlan


WorkPoint data drives comprehensive analytics

Starting with high resolution data means having the ability to dive deep into workplace analytics.

Right:  CoWorkr's Analytics Dashboard


CoWorkr's API brings intelligence to workplace tools

- Enables Intelligent Booking Solutions

- Driving live floor plans

Right: iOffice Hummingbird



Query historical data on WorkPlaces, FloorPlans, WorkPoints

Streaming API via DDP

Subscribe to real-time WorkPoint updates


CoWorkr's used across the globe and trusted by the world's leading companies

Through strategic partnerships, CoWorkr operates in the NAM, Europe, / & APAC