CoWorkr is a Hardware-Enabled Software Company

We provide high-resolution, versatile, & anonymous sensing for measuring workplace utilization. 


We leverage high res streaming data from your work settings

Our Motion "WorkPoints" are smallest in the global market and last years on a single coin cell battery.

Size: 1.6" L x 1.6" W x 0.5" H

Sensing: Real-Time Motion 

Updates: 30-120 sec

COMS: Bluetooth Low Energy



WorkPoints can monitor use of almost all work settings

Our devices can be installed for a variety of applications



WorkPoint Installation is Simple

use one of our subcontractors or do it yourself


Stick WorkPoints to Furniture 

+ Monitor desks, chairs, and other individual work settings


Stick WorkPoints to Rooms

+ Monitor entire rooms or individual seats




Connect your WorkPlace to our Cloud

CoWorkr operates outside of your organization's network.

 WorkPoint data is pushed to our secure cloud environment using a cellular hub.

Cloud Powered by Google Compute Engine & Google Cloud +     

Architecture is easily scalable +     

Servers are geolocated per customer region +     



WorkPoints drive real-time applications

WorkPoints stream real-time data. This data is aggregated for hi resolution analytics.

CoWorkr Partners leverage Real-Time data via our API.

Left: CoWorkr's Real-Time & Activity FloorPlan


WorkPoint data drives comprehensive analytics

Starting with high resolution data means having the ability to dive deep into workplace analytics.

Right:  CoWorkr's Analytics Dashboard


CoWorkr's API brings intelligence to workplace tools

- REST API & Real-Time Stream of WorkPoint Data

- Enables Intelligent Booking Solutions

- Driving live floor plans

Right: iOffice Hummingbird


CoWorkr's used across the globe and trusted by the world's leading companies

Through strategic partnerships, CoWorkr operates in the NAM, Europe, / & APAC