CoWorkr’s API allows customers and partners to make customized requests or subscribe to a stream of real-time updates from CoWorkr sensors.

RESTful API: CoWorkr’s standard API uses REST for general calls to CoWorkr for requests of current WorkPoint (sensor) or WorkPlace state, or historical data.

STREAMING API: CoWorkr’s “Streaming” app is a Node .js application that allows users to connect to CoWorkr via DDP and stream live WorkPoint updates. The streaming API allows for simple seat or room availability updates for Booking apps


API documents are available to verified users. To request access to CoWorkr API Documents, please contact support@coworkr.co


Integration Examples built on CoWorkr’s API:


CoWorkr Data enables intelligent desk booking solutions on Comfy.

If your office uses Comfy, try a demo of CoWorkr to help streamline and improve your desk booking process.



CoWorkr data provides FM:Interact with utilization overlays for rooms and desks to help bring all your space management tools into one dashboard.



Webex Teams

Cisco’s new “Webex Teams” (previously Spark) is a collaboration app for teams that allows CoWorkr’s API to be used through a chat bot. If your WorkPlace is on CoWorkr, you can chat with it and ask it questions like, how many desks are available?



Coming Soon

iOffice’s new Hummingbird App uses CoWorkr sensors for enabling intelligent booking systems.