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This support documentation is broken into 2 sections:

1.0 General WorkPlace Setup & Device Topics

2.0 App Topics

1.0 General WorkPlace & Device Topics

Admin user guideS for installing AND MAINTAINING coWorkr hardware


2.0 App Support Topics

Admin user guide for CoWorkr's App

Below you will find detailed information on administrative app features and general information like definitions and user processes. This documentation includes information that only pertains to administrative users. If you're having trouble finding your solution here, please reach out to

The topics below are listed in order of standard customer setup, start to finish.

For our general user guide, please visit


This walks through the basic setup of a WorkPlace. Some of these steps must be done in the order they appear.

NOTE: Before Installing WorkPoints & Hubs, make sure to first create a WorkPlace online. You'll want access the App and your new WorkPlace while at the site.