4.2.1 TOP MENU

The contents of the Analytics Dashboard is ultimately controlled by several features in the Top Menu such as the date/time range and an Interval option. If you're unfamiliar with the any of these features, check out the support section, Features & Tools, to learn more.

The menu along the top of the Analytics Dashboard contains several key functions that control your data. These should be used to setup your data. 

1. Start with the Date Range

  • If the date range loaded is not preferred, click the Date Range and select a new Date Range

Make sure your date range is set to your preference

2. Select an Interval

The Interval will default to 15min. If a different interval is desired, click the Interval menu and select a new Interval.

The interval setting will adapt the data to your activity resolution

3. Choose from a list of default View Filters or create your own.

To create your own:

  • Make a section on the dashboard
  • Click the File button above the View Filters
  • Click to save it as your default, or the WorkPlace's default

View Filters can be used to Save your Analytics Selection preferences

4.2.2 CHARTS

Each chart will display Activity as a function of the time or location. Each chart also acts as a method of filtering.

Horizontal Bar Charts:

  • Try selecting one of the Tags from the list on the right, this will sort the Dashboard to show only this specific Tag.
  • Try selecting more than one Tag by clicking any multiple Tags. They will aggregate your results.
  • To reset these selections, click RESET to revert to the default settings

Vertical Bar Charts

The full date range graphs at the top of the dashboard shows all data in the date range. You can select any range within this date range:

  • Click and drag a region over the graph, this will filter your dashboard to show data that only falls within this range
  • Adjust this time range by pulling the grips at either end of the selection

All of the charts act as filters for the data. Click away or the Reset button to clear the selection.