Corporate Real Estate Professionals Use CoWorkr to Benchmark Workplace Performance


Pre-occupancy Studies

Calculate cost of wasted or idle workspace in existing workplaces

Discover baseline activity of your work styles such as how dedicated vs flex spaces compare

Derive desk share ratio for transitioning

Quantify collaborative & meeting space vacancies

Any Time

Validate current activity trends

Create observation studies to learn and help improve worker productivity

Use our API to integrate sensors with room booking software Integrate with Slack or Spark for real-time seat information

Compare portfolio locations to understand how demographics & culture impact work styles in those regions

Post-occupancy Studies

Verify pre-occupancy assumptions

Recalculate cost of wasted or idle workspace

Discover baseline activity of your new work styles

Test new configurations & work styles


Unbiased and High-Res Metrics

We Collect Thousands of Data Points per Seat to Drive Powerful Analytics

Average Activity

Avg. Activity BY HOUR/DAY

Peak Activity Occurrences for Any Selection


Average Number of Seats Occupied at a Given Time


Activity per Week Days


Activity per Custom Attributes

Custom Trends

Average Lengths of Stay



Platform Features

CoWorkr is a full service platform. We seek to give you the data you need to implement strategic change management and maintain control of dynamic environments. With our API, data integrates with other systems to add intelligence to room booking, CAFM, and BIM software.



CoWorkr is partnered with strategic resellers and is used by some of the world's leading companies